Application that provides end-to-end encrypted chat messaging, audio and video calling, screen share, large file transfer, and secure file storage.                                    

Approved for use from any government and personal desktop, as well as mobile devices.

Recall, Alert, and Messaging capabilities combine DoD users essential communication tools into one simple PKI-enabled application that links their personal mobile devices to the broader NIPRNET of users. 

Security // Collaboration // Compliance 

“Wickr allows companies and organizations to bring the security and privacy of a face-to-face conversation to digital collaboration.” — Thomas Tull, CEO of Tull Investment Group & Founder of Legendary Entertainment 

Wickr Enterprise In-Depth Features

  • Ephemerality: Wickr allows for a configurable ephemerality to ensure that no sensitive information is accessible beyond its useful life and intended recipients. 
  • Rapid Deployment & On-boarding: Wickr can be rapidly deployed in a self-hosted manner whether within our own data center or a public or private Cloud environment. 
  • Team members can create and deploy secure private networks in minutes.
  • Secure Voice & Video Calls: Message and place secure voice & video calls 1:1 and in groups on mobile and desktop.
  • Group Collaboration: Quickly add and verify new users & groups — security team members, executive staff, legal, PR, and outside experts. 
  • Streamline your efforts by sharing information and files of any size in one place. 
  • Targeted Compliance: While most working-level communications should never be stored for security purposes, some information must be maintained for FOIA, e-discovery & auditing purposes. Wickr Enterprise allows organizations to selectively log communication sessions to a secure customer defined data store, when required. Wickr® and //® Security. Privacy. 
  • Encryption Made Easy. are registered trademarks and Wickr Inc.

Enterprise Capabilities 

  • ADVANCED LAYERED SECURITY No third party including Wickr can access user messages 
  • CONFIGURABLE EPHEMERALITY Messages are not accessible beyond set expiration or burn-on-read time
  • PERFECT FORWARD & BACKWARD SECRECY New key generated for every message
  • PROVISIONING & ADMIN CONTROLS Easy on-boarding // Secure private network deployment in minutes 
  • TARGETED COMPLIANCE Administrators can selectively enfoce logging communication sessions as required for aduiting & e-discovery 
  • SECURE ROOMS Invite teams to communicate & collaborate
  • FILE TRANSFER End-to-End encryped ephemeral files up to 5GB VOICE/VIDEO End-to-End encrypted calls & video conference