Wickr RAM version must be v5.68+ to utilize these features fully.

Wickr RAM, Wickr PRO, and Wickr ME are now federated, which means Wickr RAM users should be able to connect to all users that have a Wickr PRO and/or Wickr ME account.

Current functions:

Messaging/Chat (enabled)

File sharing

    - limited to the senders network limits (RAM unlimited / PRO 1-5 GB / ME 10Mb per single file)

Location Sharing (enabled)

Voice and Video calls (enabled)

    - Video camera is enabled for ME users, but not Screen sharing

    - RAM users on NIPR have to call ME users, all internet users can call each other

    - ME Users can't start a group call

Common questions/issues:

I cannot find Wickr PRO or Wickr ME user in the search

Try this video here for help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwu64l2YqNo (Global Federation - Find and Message Wickr Me Contacts)

Users of Wickr RAM must know the exact username for the user they are trying to message on Wickr ME.  Looking users up via email address or partial name is not a current functionality.

I am unable to voice/video chat with user on Wickr PRO or Wickr ME

Try this video here for help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf6-xJR6k_U (Global Federation - Calling Wickr Me Contacts)

Users on base may experience difficulties with Voice and Video calls due to network firewalls currently.

Current Domains federated that can utilize this feature




If you are still having issues, please place a ticket with our help desk, and we will investigate into the matter. If need be, we will route the ticket to our Tier-4 Wickr Support team.

You can contact our help desk for more help:

Arma-Global Managed Services


+18503745853 | +18334570457